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Spike train data from mouse retinal ganglion cells under stimulation with natural images

Updated 3 months ago

Spike train data from salamander retina accompanying the manuscript by Liu and Gollisch

Updated 3 months ago

Data sets accompanying the paper by Schreyer and Gollisch, 2021. Voltage traces of salamander retinal bipolar cells under visual stimulation.

Updated 6 months ago

Ganglion cell spike train data recorded from marmoset retina. Focus on stimulation with random-walk-like motion of a spatial texture.

Updated 7 months ago

Data sets accompanying Khani and Gollisch, 2021: Linear and nonlinear chromatic integration in the mouse retina.

Updated 7 months ago

Data sets accompanying Bemme et al., IOVS 2017: Differential effects of HCN channel block on On and Off pathways in the retina as a potential cause for medication-induced phosphene perception.

Updated 7 months ago

Data accompanying the manuscript by Kühn and Gollisch: "Activity correlations between direction-selective retinal ganglion cells synergistically enhance motion decoding from complex visual scenes"

Updated 9 months ago

Data sets accompanying Khani and Gollisch, Journal of Neurophysiology 2017: Diversity in spatial scope of contrast adaptation among mouse retinal ganglion cells.

Updated 2 years ago

Data sets accompanying Liu et al., Nature Communications 2017: Inference of neuronal functional circuitry with spike-triggered non-negative matrix factorization.

Updated 3 years ago