Structural and functional MRI data from animal with bilateral damage to visual cortex to accompany paper.

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This repository contains the raw MRI data to accompany the manuscript 'Preserved extrastriate visual network in a monkey with substantial, naturally occurring damage to primary visual cortex'.

The data supplied are T1-weighted structural images divided by T2-weighted SPACE images. Resolution is 0.5mm isotropic. More details can be found in the paper. These data are used in Figures 1 and 3.

Functional MRI data are supplied in NIFTI_GZ format for 4 animals: Animal S (with damage) and 3 control animals. Resolution is 1.0 mm isotropic with a TR of 2.0 seconds. Additional details can be found in the manuscript.

Stimulus for 'checker' runs is a flickering checkerboard contrasted with grey screen. Stimulus for 'motion' runs is moving dots contrasted with stationary dots.

All experiments are 30 seconds 'on'; 30 seconds 'off' and start with an 'on' period.

Structural images for the fMRI are also included in the directory for registration purposes. Note these structural images were not used for any of the quantitative analyses.

fMRI data were used for Figures 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Post-mortem data are provided that underlie Figure 2.

Use of these data should cite the paper where they were first published.