Data and code from our 2018 manuscript on relative value signaling in NAc and VP.

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Data and code from our 2018 article in Nature Communcations on relative value signaling in NAc and VP.

All figures can be reproduced by downloading the RAW.mat structure following the MATLAB scripts in alphabetical order. We have also uploaded the additional structures produced by these scripts as were used in the manuscript.

The scripts require additional functions contained in the "Supporting Programs" folder in the scripts folder. They were created on MATLAB R2016b.

The code was altered to use a fixed bin width for making PSTHs instead of the optimal bin width as used in the paper. The optimal bin width code is from Howard Fields's lab and can be acquired upon reasonable request.

Title Nucleus accumbens and ventral pallidum single-unit recordings from rats performing a reward processing task
Authors Ottenheimer,David;Johns Hopkins University;0000-0003-4882-1898
Richard,Jocelyn M;University of Minnesota;0000-0001-5750-0418
Janak,Patricia H;Johns Hopkins University;0000-0002-3333-9049
Description This is a dataset from our Nature Communications paper: Ventral pallidum encodes relative reward value earlier and more robustly than nucleus accumbens. It contains in vivo single unit data recorded with electrode bundles in nucleus accumbens and ventral pallidum as well as the corresponding behavioral data from rats performing a task in which they acquire sucrose and maltodextrin rewards. It also contains the code to analyze the data and produce the figures from our paper.
License Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication (
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Funding NIH, 5 T32 NS91018-17
NIH, K99 AA025384
NIH, R01 DA035943
NARSAD, Young Investigator Award
NSF, DGE-1746891
Keywords Neuroscience
Basal ganglia
Ventral pallidum
Nucleus accumbens
Reward processing
Resource Type Dataset