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  Luke Chang 76efc5b539 added preprocessed text for the video 7 months ago
  Luke Chang fd3aa74493 removed non cropped viewing data 7 months ago
  Luke Chang 1cb2b3ff93 added additional processed data files 8 months ago
  ljchang 55c3a259e1 added cropped movie watching data 8 months ago
  ljchang 9e8814fc65 added missing subject 15 8 months ago
  ljchang 5b5fc1ccc2 added missing subjects [7,10,13] 9 months ago
  ljchang 236beda736 updated all of the preprocessing and now include all of the files 9 months ago
  Luke Chang 2fdd0a6b9e decreased precision on denoised data to float32 to save space 9 months ago
  Luke Chang db39edbfad added denoised and smoothed data 9 months ago
  Alejandro de la Vega db754bcf97 [DATALAD] added content 1 year ago
  Alejandro de la Vega 7f5c1f05a2 [DATALAD] added content 1 year ago
  Alejandro de la Vega 24cbd9cd13 [DATALAD] new dataset 1 year ago
  Alejandro de la Vega 2ab272af00 [DATALAD] Set default backend for all files to be MD5E 1 year ago