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This repository contains key data supporting our findings of widespread functional homotopy in the zebra finch brain.



Correlation matrices are fully preprocessed and stored in the variable 'corrmat' within respective .mat files:

Males: Nuisance regression (linear & quadratic trends + 6 rigid-body motion parameters + 1st 5 PC's of CSF signals + body temperature) -> bandpass filtering [0.008, 0.10 Hz])

Females: Nuisance regression (linear + quadratic trends, 6 rigid-body motion parameters, 1st 5 PC's of CSF signals) -> bandpass filtering [0.008, 0.10 Hz])

-see Birds_IDs_ages.xlsx for further info regarding file correspondences, ages, and bird ID's


mirrored_groupwise_template.nii = the right hemisphere of our 'GroupwiseTemplate.nii' mirrored across the midline to create a symmetrical brain template for voxel-mirrored homotopic connectivity (VMHC) analyses

voxelwise_homotopy_tstats.nii = image of t-statistics testing voxel-wise homotopic functional connectivity across the 19 male scans

voxelwise_homotopy_clusters.nii = image of cluster-thresholded voxel-wise homotopic functional connectivity t-statistics (primary: p < 0.001, cluster-extent: p-FWE < 0.05)


GroupwiseTemplate.nii = group-wise template created by ANTs across males

SongSystemROIs.nii = custom regions of interest manually delineated on the above template

SongSystemROIs_IDs.txt = labels file for 'SongSystemROIs.nii'