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This repository contains key data supporting our findings of an association between loneliness and preferences for larger interpersonal distance within intimate space (i.e., the "body-buffer zone").


This directory contains one Excel file of raw survey data for each study. IP addresses, MTurk IDs, and other personally identifiable information have been removed.


This directory contains Matlab .mat data files containing filtered/extracted data for import into Matlab. Additionally comma-delimited text files contain this same data for importing into R. A full description of these files and the variables contained within can be found in filtered_data_info.txt.


This directory contains two PDF printouts of the survyes used in Study 1 and Study 2. The Study 1 survey was implemented on SurveyMonkey, and the Study 2 survey was implemented on Qualtrics. Note that some elements visible in the PDFs were not actually visible to participants (e.g., the Qualtrics question ID numbers, timers, etc. in the Study 2 survey). Additionally, the pagination does not always correspond to the actual page separation displayed to participants.