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+# This script was converted using cast2script from:
+# docs/casts/
+set -e -u
+export GIT_PAGER=cat
+# DataLad provides seamless management of nested Git repositories...
+# Let's create a dataset
+datalad create demo
+cd demo
+# A DataLad dataset is just a Git repo with some initial configuration
+git log --oneline
+# We can generate nested datasets, by telling DataLad to register a
+# new dataset in a parent dataset
+datalad create -d . sub1
+# A subdataset is nothing more than regular Git submodule
+git submodule
+# Of course subdatasets can be nested
+datalad create -d . sub1/justadir/sub2
+# Unlike Git, DataLad automatically takes care of committing all
+# changes associated with the added subdataset up to the given
+# parent dataset
+git status
+# Let's create some content in the deepest subdataset
+mkdir sub1/justadir/sub2/anotherdir
+touch sub1/justadir/sub2/anotherdir/afile
+# Git can only tell us that something underneath the top-most
+# subdataset was modified
+git status
+# DataLad saves us from further investigation
+datalad diff -r
+# Like Git, it can report individual untracked files, but also across
+# repository boundaries
+datalad diff -r --report-untracked all
+# Adding this new content with Git or git-annex would be an exercise
+git add sub1/justadir/sub2/anotherdir/afile || true
+# DataLad does not require users to determine the correct repository
+# in the tree
+datalad add -d . sub1/justadir/sub2/anotherdir/afile
+# Again, all associated changes in the entire dataset tree, up to
+# the given parent dataset, were committed
+git status
+# DataLad's 'diff' is able to report the changes from these related
+# commits throughout the repository tree
+datalad diff --revision @~1 -r